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Addressing Poverty through the Welsh Supply Chain

  • Cardiff University
  • 01 September 2016, time TBA
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Event Agenda

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Opening Address & Introductory Presentations


  • Prof. Martin Kitchener, Dean and Head of Cardiff Business School
  • Rita Singh, Head of Policy and Innovation, Office for Future Generations Commissioner, Wales
  • Prof. Kevin Morgan, Dean of Engagement for School for Geography & Planning
  • Dr. Joanne Meehan, Senior Lecturer in Marketing & Operations and Director of MBA in University of Liverpool

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Workshop: Encouraging innovative procurement to enable successful social enterprise

Social Enterprises in Wales often find it very hard to partner industry customers because they lack experience in delivering quality goods, regularly and consistently. A recent partnership between the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) and Asda is an attempt to identify social enterprises willing to work with Asda to develop mutual understanding and the processes for enabling long term supplier relationships. While this work has only just begun, the findings suggest a considerable number of social enterprises willing but currently unable to respond to these demands. In this workshop, we consider how procurement practice may be leveraged in ways that develop the social enterprise sector in Wales so that a greater proportion of enterprises are able to respond to the demands of industry customers.


  • Alun Jones is Acting Head of Social Investment Cymru, Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA)
  • Prof. Tim Edwards is a Professor in Organization & Innovation Analysis in the Management, Employment and Organization section of the Business School
  • Prof Luigi M. De Luca is Professor of Marketing and Innovation at Cardiff Business School

*Prof. Tim Edwards and Prof. Luigi De Luca are co-founders of the Responsible Innovation Network Research Network (RIN), AHSS College, Cardiff University.

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Workshop: Mapping Community Benefits with Well-Being Indicators

Sustainable procurement is an area of fast growing interest within the supply chain management discipline. To be sustainable means extending beyond the core of supply chain management and includes aspects such as product design, manufacturing by-products, by-products produced during product use, product life extension, product end-of-life, and recovery processes at end-of-life. It has become a priority of companies: public, private and not-for-profit to make sure that the products they source are produced in a socially responsible manner. Social public procurement leverages extra social benefits and creates ‘social value’ in local communities and is a growing practice being applied across the public sector worldwide, not just in Wales.  The purpose of this workshop is to start to align the existing community benefits measures in Wales with the 46 indicators of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act. Discussions will explore the greatest challenges with measuring sustainable procurement, discuss how procurement is important for alleviating poverty in the Welsh supply chain and identify ways to improve the measurement of public procurement in the future.


  • Prof. Helen Walker is a Professor of Operations and Supply Management and Director of Postgraduate Research Studies at Cardiff Business School
  • Dr. Jane Lynch is a Lecturer for Supplier Management in the Logistics and Operations Management section and Director of Student Experience for Cardiff Business School

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Workshop: Building Resilience in Wales

Resilience is one of the seven goals proposed in the Well-Being of Future Generations Act (2015). In the Act, resilience is defined as “a nation which maintains and enhances a biodiverse natural environment with healthy functioning eco-systems that support social, economic and ecological resilience and the capacity to adapt to change (for example, climate change)”. The aim of this workshop is to highlight how resilience may be classified and to understand how procurement plays a vital role in building resilience in Welsh Supply Chains. During the workshop we will establish the greatest challenges with developing resilience, discuss how resilience is important for alleviating poverty and seek to identify ways to improve resilience in the future.


  • Prof. Mohamed Naim is the Deputy Dean at Cardiff Business School
  • Dr. Anthony Soroka is Senior Project Officer for Astute in Cardiff

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